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IBPF.org And DrLaurenGoodall.com Team up In San Diego!

From The Practice to the People Book Tour


“Bipolar Is Not An STD”: Live lecture and Fundraiser coordinates with the International Bipolar Foundation in San Diego.

San Diego, CA: August 21, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Lauren Goodall, Psychologist, is kicking off her book tour in San Diego, CA. She is very pleased to announce coordinating with the International Bipolar Foundation, for an upcoming seminar on her newly released book, “Bipolar is not An STD” (ISBN: 978-1089401506`).

In a recent interview, Dr. Goodall, announced the name of her tour, “From the practice to the people.” She indicated she was thrilled to be able to coordinate efforts with the International Bipolar Foundation, which does amazing work with providing resources and education for persons interested in expanding their knowledge base on the disorder. She states,  “ My recent departure from practice, is specifically designed to deliver information on a broader scale. I find this conference an excellent opportunity to amplify that coordination.”

Dr. Goodall also states, “I didn’t just want to do a book signing. I wanted to be able to present a lecture format, along with Questions and Answers to have a direct connection with the people and make it more personal. I was thrilled to see that my book, hit #1 New Release on Amazon in Medical and Clinical Psychology. This showed me there was enough interest and need to make this direct connection.

The conference will be held at The Crowne Plaza, in Mission Valley on Saturday, November 9th,, 2019. Advanced ticket purchase is required. Seating is limited. Ticket purchases can be made through the website, DrLaurenGoodall.com Dr. Goodall will be lecturing in  2 separate sessions. The format consists of lecture, Q/A, and Fundraising for the International Bipolar Foundation. The cost of the lecture will be $79.95, which will include a book, and a portion of sales will be donated to the International Bipolar Foundation. 

Seminar Price of $79.95 includes:

The prices includes; 1 1/2 hour lecture, 1/2 hour Q/A,   A Signed copy of Dr Goodall's  book, coffee, tea, sodas, snacks , and a portion of sales will be donated to the International Bipolar Foundation . 

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Overview of Dr. Lauren Goodall

I am excited to put together a book that covers 24 years of experience in the field of Psychology.  My specialty is mood disorders.  Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, grief and loss, and relationship failure.  This is for anyone who has spent time trying to get better, but doesn’t feel like they are.  This book covers medical  and psychological factors,  personality disorders that wreak havoc on others, and a direct and out of the box, humored guide to understanding what drives people. 

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Dr. Lauren Goodall (PsyD) Debunks Stereotypes About Bipolar Disorder in Her New Book!

Upcoming book tour will include Chicago, Ann Arbor, San Diego, Phoenix, New York, and Miami - Dates of cities TBA

Source: Dr. Lauren Goodall   |  Tue, 06 Aug 2019, 14:19:37 EDT


CHICAGO, Ill., Aug. 6, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Lauren Goodall (PsyD), debunks stereotypes about Bipolar disorder in her new book “Bipolar is not an STD” (ISBN: 978-1543975581). Dr. Goodall designed the book around the idea that people can get better much faster, if they know how to recognize what symptoms look like. “People are trying to recognize stereotypes, instead of symptoms, and that doesn’t work.”

Dr. Goodall - Bipolar is NOT an STD
In further conversation with Dr. Goodall, she named her book specifically to stop unnecessary stigma behind the diagnosis of Bipolar. In her translation of the title- “Too many people hear the word Bipolar and attach misperceptions that aren’t warranted. I’ve spent a full career working with these people. Bipolar, if anything, can be confusing to detect, and people who have Bipolar, current research says that they get wrongly diagnosed 69% of the time, out of the gate. This number is way too high, and people can’t afford years off their life, getting bad diagnosis, because of confusing symptoms with other diagnosis”.

Goodall states, “I’ve always believed that if you can get the symptoms understood, and educate people, there doesn’t have to be a log jam of years of endless therapy, and wrong medications. In this day and age, where mental health is making the headlines, because of improper diagnosis early on; and missing very essential details. Bad information and wrong classifications cost us generations.”

Dr. Goodall was excited also to announce that she will be taking her new book, “Bipolar IS Not An STD” on the road in a lecture component directly to the people.

Her tour will include Chicago, Ann Arbor, San Diego, Phoenix, New York, and Miami. Dates of cities TBA.

“Bipolar is not an STD,” is currently released and available in softcover thru her website, https://drlaurengoodall.com/.

Book in traditional print and E-book are available thru Amazon. Dr. Goodall is available for interview by contacting her via the above website.

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News Source: Dr. Lauren Goodall 

For Immediate Press Release

New York,Ny: July 30, 2019   Dr. Lauren Goodall (PsyD), releases her ground-breaking self-help book, “Bipolar is not an STD”. Dr. Goodall designed the book around getting people better faster.  She wanted a book that could be finished over the course of a weekend; not something that would take a long period of time to plow through. There are distinctive compasses in the book. “People always confuse Personality disorders, with mood problems. That’s like confusing north from west. You won’t end up in the right place; confusing the two”.  Instead of talking about the usual in relationships, she goes beyond affairs and relationship screw-ups that people don’t recognize. “There are a million ways to screw up a relationship besides affairs.”

In further conversation with Dr. Goodall, she named her book, “Bipolar is not An STD”. In her translation of the title – “too many people look at the word Bipolar and attach stigma that isn’t warranted.  I’ve spent a full career working with these people. Bipolar can be confusing more than it’s hard. Ineffective symptom reporting, and lack of treatment is hard!”

Dr. Goodall looks to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to recognize mood symptoms, and get better diagnosis; rather than the current research-based average of 6 years.


The reason, she believes, this number is so high, is because people cannot self-report their symptoms well, and “bad diagnosis information is a waste of time, money, and quality of life. Good therapy helps a lot, but a lack of understanding medical underpinnings and how they coordinate with the Psychological is a big piece of missing information. Both are critical for getting the job done.”


“Bipolar is not an STD”, is currently released and available in softcover , drlaurengoodall.com. E-book is available thru Amazon  Kendall, and soft cover available at Amazon  KDP. Dr. Goodall is available, for interview by contacting the above websit